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Our History

Boni's Floral Shoppe Started at 911 Island Ave in the early Sixties and was owned by Richard and Joan Boni.  They started this business in a building owned by Joans father and made it one of the best little flower shops in Pittsburgh. Joan had a very unique style and trained her staff to think of how important designing is and this still caries on today and all the designs are very special for everyone. 

Deitz Flower made its Debut in the Twenties on Chartiers Ave and was a family business.  The shop was a place to visit and had everything you needed, they had the the best spot  in town. The shop did well and carried gifts and cards.  

We care about you and the orders you placed with us.  We always treat the arrangements as if we are doing the work for ourselves.   


Boni's Floral Shoppe has joined two of McKees Rocks florist together and made a big difference in the shop.

Boni's and Deitz were two long standing floral shops in town and joined hands and grew to be a great place to shop. The Quality

and service still stand and prices are the best to date. The flowers are of high quality and the prices have not changed. 

Stop in or Call, We're here to help

If there are any flowers, plants or design needs, you can call or stop in to see us and how your arrangements are being taken care of. We will help with a design that best suits the occasion.There is nothing better than finding someone who really enjoys helping you. All weddings and other events are by appointment so that we can help you to plan it the best way. This always helps and make  the event more enjoyable to work out. 

So in 2010 Boni's and Deitz joined hands. Boni's name was used and it is located in the Deitz Building and if you have a floral need, Boni's is the place to shop.There are all types of things to look at, great ideas to get and the prices are always right. We are there to help you and make this a good purchase.

​You can come in or call,  we look forward to your business.